Thursday, February 5, 2015

5th grade cupcakes

We looked at art by Wayne Thiebaud and then recreated his work using cupcakes as our subject. Thiebaud's work falls under the Pop art category and became popular in the art world in 1962. His paintings of cakes and pies are colorful and whimsical. Our chalk drawings of cupcakes are no different! We learned about value and blending using chalk. They turned out amazing!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Molas- 3rd grade

Our A mola is a hand sewn design, usually an animal,made of layers of fabric using the appliqué technique. Molas are sewn on to a blouse and worn by the Kuna Indians of Panama. 
Today, Molas are sold as art pieces and vary in cost depending on the size and complexity of the design. My parents lived in Panama for a year and this is a mola they brought back for me:
Our 3rd grade Molas were made using layers of paper and marker.  
We discussed geometric shapes and the use of balance in an art piece. 

Aboriginal art- 2nd grade

We looked at work by the Aboriginal people of Australia. These native Australians would draw on the bark of trees using animals as their subject matter. The animals were drawn and filled in with line and dot patterns. 
We reviews the use of pattern as we explored the concept of space and filling our paper with our drawings. Our crayon resists turned out great!

Blue dog- 1st grade

The first graders learned about George Rodrigue, an Smerican artist from Louisiana. He painted his dog, Tiffany and his work caught on quickly. He used bright colors, starting with blue then he ventured into dogs of other colors. 
Our dogs, like Rodrigue's, are super cordial and fun. We drew or dog, painted it, cut it out and glued it down. We tked about the use of oattern in a border as well as a pattern used as a background. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

4th grade disco turkeys

We did a step by step drawing of a turkey while reviewing patterns with shapes and lines. So cute! B

1st grade sculptures

First grade learned about 3D shapes, called forms. We made cylinders out if paper to make our sculpture. Look how cool they look on the wall!!

3rd grade reflection of fall

We used cool colors and learned the watercolor technique wet on wet to create the water for our reflection scene. We used tempera paint to create our trees. To make the reflection, we folded our paper in half to make a print.