Saturday, December 13, 2014

4th grade disco turkeys

We did a step by step drawing of a turkey while reviewing patterns with shapes and lines. So cute! B

1st grade sculptures

First grade learned about 3D shapes, called forms. We made cylinders out if paper to make our sculpture. Look how cool they look on the wall!!

3rd grade reflection of fall

We used cool colors and learned the watercolor technique wet on wet to create the water for our reflection scene. We used tempera paint to create our trees. To make the reflection, we folded our paper in half to make a print. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

3rd grade leaves

We did a lot with leaves...just ask the 3rd graders. We were all about fall!!! We did a painting of fall trees reflecting in the water. These are currently on display in the 5th grade/art room hall. 
We also drew leaves realistically looking at photos of leaves. This taught us to observe and look carefully at our subject matter. We discussed line and value. 
Finally, we studied texture in art by making clay leaves!

Monday, November 24, 2014

November wrap up- 1st and 2nd grade

1st grade:
After talking about The artist Henri Matisse and collage we looked at Matisse's still life paintings. We used PATTERNS and OVERLAPPING concepts. 
1st grade also learned about FORM and TEXTURE when creating clay necklaces! Students stepped on....yep, you read that right....stepped on the clay to get the texture from the bottom of their shoe! We painted them with tempera paint. I applied midge podge to make them shiny. We added a cord and beads to complete it!
We are currently learning about the work of folk artist Grandma Moses!
2nd Grade
We learned about VALUE and FORM when drawing pumpkins using oil pastels. 
Next, we read the book Where the Wild Things are. We discussed authors and illustrators and looked specifically at the monsters in the book. Students drew their own monsters using PATTERNS within the work. 
We are currently working on a printmaking project!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September wrap up

1st grade is working on a STILL LIFE painting where we are learning about pattern, overlapping and painting skills. These followed our collages we did previously. 
2nd grade:
2nd graders learned about COLOR through the art of Wassilly Kandinsky. We painted, primary, secondary, warm, cool and complementary colors. Our last set of circles was their choice. We used paint and oil pastel. 
3rd grade:
3rd grade reviewed warm and cool colors and learned to weave too. We painted two pieces of paper after drawing on it with white crayon. I cut the cool paper and they cut the warm paper I to strips to weave them through. 
4th grade:
4th grade reviewed warm and cool colors as well as the use of pattern in art. We created this collage in the style of the Austrian painter Hundertwasser. We painted using texture- two papers. One cool and one warm. We cut strips, glued them and created patterns with markers between. We cut circles and created our Hundertwasser trees. 
5th grade:
We are in the process of painting our Statue of Liberty project. Students drew the statue step by step then added a cityscape and details to make it their own. Next they used sharpie to outline. We are using watercolors, crayons, markers and oil pastels for this project. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1st grade Matisse collages

1st grade is learning about free form and geometric shapes through the collage art of Henri Matisse. We cut out two geometric shapes and glued them down. Then we cut out a free form shape and glued that down. We even glued our scrap from the free form shape!!  Then we cut out two types of lines to add to our collage. We discussed overlapping and composition.